Originally from the West Coast, Ernie began his upholstery career in the 1960s after his time with the Navy. He worked for a large Automotive and Boat Upholstery shop, and eager to learn the trade, soon became an apprentice in the Upholstery Industry. In 1980, Ernie moved to Fort Walton Beach, FL and started his own Upholstery and Canvas shop, specializing in Automotive Upholstery, Boat Upholstery and Canvas, as well as Boat Tops and Towers. In the late 1980s he sold the business and opened a Boat Rental business, and eventually made his way back to a Boat Upholstery and Canvas shop at Legendary Marine. Recently Ernie went back to his own upholstery business.

Ernie has more than 30 years of experience in the Upholstery and Canvas Industry, from his start working in factory settings, working his way up, eventually owning and operating his own shops.

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